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Aluminium Windows

All windows are supplied from our premises in Shrewsbury and are made to the customer's specifications

The Product

At Matthews & Peart Ltd we supply and install SAPA Dualframe Aluminium windows. SAPA Group is an international company specialising in aluminium profiles and building systems. With 23,000 employees in 40 countries it is the worlds largest manufacturer of aluminium profiles.

Strong, Safe, Sustainable and Beautiful

Making the right choice of windows and doors for your home need not be a worrying time. The benefits of choosing strong, safe aluminium mean that your windows and doors will provide the best value in terms of durability, maintenance and security.

With so many choices of window format, interior and exterior colours and glass type, Dualframe provides the right combination to suits the appearance of your house so as to make it a more beautiful and safer home.

Beauty, Security and Style

Dualframe windows and doors combine beauty and slim sightlines with low maintenance to provide the secure solution for houses of all ages and styles.

Whatever the stlye of your home, Dualframe's wide choice of window and door configurations, sizes and colours as well as choice of matching and contrasting hardware, offers you a fantastic choice of windows and doors. And you can rest assured that it will last and stay looking good whilst remaining safe and secure.

The overall apperance of your home play's a large part in how much you enjoy it. Choosing the right windows and doors makes a great difference to the aesthetics of where you live and could improve the quality of life as well as increasing the value of your home.

Sustainable and Low Maintenance

Aluminium's physical properties, such as low thermal expansion and contraction and inherent strength, result in windows and door frames that are extremely stable. This means that the frames and casements fit precisely together and will continue to be close fitting throughout their lives. This stability and rigidity means that Dualframe provides exceptional water-tightness and wind resistance so that heat losses are reduced. Combined with dual polyamide thermal break technology this gives compliance with Building Regulations Part L using standard glazing units and can result in reduced fuel costs.

Dualframe also requires much less maintenance than timber or uPVC windows and doors, the finish is like that on a car but tougher - it is weatherproof, durable and easy to wipe clean.

Security, Strength and Safety

Security is what makes a house a home. Whether you are at home or out somewhere, you want the reassurance that your home is safe; Dualframe windows and doors offer security features that give you that reassurance.

Not only do they deter opportunist thieves but their inherent strength and new generation locks creat secure barriers against more determined burglars. Dualframe windows and doors have been tested and awarded a BS 4873 and PAS 24 Kitemark.

Because aluminium is so strong and so rigid it is highly resistance to warping and bending, which means that security is inherently built into all Dualframe windows and doors. And, because aluminium does not expand like wood or plastic, there will be no gaps that can be used to prise a window or door open.


If you are looking for a solution to complement the character and style of your home or if you just want to stand out from the crowd why not consider colour? Matthews and Peart can offer you a diverse range of colours to suit your requirements.